MIC Gastrostomy Feeding Tube and Pack

The Vygon MIC Gastrostomy Tube Placement Pack has been designed to contain everything needed for simple placement of the standard balloon gastrostomy tube, including a 10ml pre-filled syringe.

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CodeDescriptionItems per BoxBox price 
2371.112 12 Fr MIC gastrostomy tube and pack (including MIC100-12LV) Balloon volume 3-5ml 1 £41.07 +
2372.112 12 Fr MIC gastrostomy tube and pack (including MIC110) balloon volume 3-5ml 1 £39.99 +


1 x Gastrostomy tube
1 x Extension tube
1 x 10ml syringe
1 x 10ml pre-filled syringe
3 x Gauze swabs
1 x Drape 45 x 35cm
1 x 5g Aquagel lubrication jelly
1 x Disposal bag

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