Echoplex+ is a needle for plexus blocks and peripheral nerve blocks allowing to locate the plexus or nerve either under ULTRASOUND or with ELECTRO-NEURO-STIMULATION.Read More


- Needle with a 20° bevel with an insulating coating on its entire length, only the tip of the bevel is conductive. This coating includes multiple microscopic glass beads intensifying ultrasound reflection and making Echoplex+ echogenic right to the tip of the needle.

- Echoplex+ is available in 7 lengths (from 25 mm to 150 mm). The centimetre markings over the entire length of the needle allows to control at any time the length inserted. A broader mark indicates 5 cm and a double mark indicates 10 cm.

- Echoplex+ comprises an electrical cord (60 cm long) with a female connector and a removable transparent extension tube (50 cm long) to allow injection of the local anaesthetic.

- Echoplex+ has an ergonomic hub allowing a good hold. Its transparency makes it possible to quickly detect a possible reflux of blood during the aspiration test.

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6194.103 22G x 100mm 20 £178.80 +
6194.123 21G x 120mm 20 £178.80 +
6194.153 21G x 150mm 20 £178.80 +
6194.253 23G x 25mm 20 £178.80 +
6194.353 23G x 35mm 20 £178.80 +
6194.503 22G x 50mm 20 £178.80 +
6194.853 22G x 85mm 20 £178.80 +

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