Epidural Procedure Pack

Multi-disciplinary procedure tray containing the essential preparatory components for a number of common procedures, including spinal anaesthesia, lumbar puncture, epidural anaesthesia and liver biopsy.

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1 x 2.5ml luer-slip syringe
1 x 5ml luer-slip syringe
1 x 10ml luer-slip syringe
1 x Fenestrated adhesive drape
1 x Gallipot
1 x Prep forceps
4 x Ball swabs small
2 x Ball swabs large
1 x Filter needle 5μm
1 x Hypodermic needle 25G x 5/8"
1 x Hypodermic needle 21G x 11/2"
1 x Sterile field
1 x Hand towel

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