Spay & Minor Operations Kit Pack of 5 with Free Retrieval Service

The new Spay & Minor Operation Tray provides you with all the essential instruments and equipment for minor surgical procedures. Standardising your procedure tray offers a cost-effective and efficient way to organise your theatre and storage space.Read More

Our Trays are produced to the highest standards with high quality materials and sterilisation. Having all your sterilised equipment in one place will help save you time and money.

Worried about instrument disposal? Our Instrument Retrieval Service is the perfect solution, and can hold up to ten sets per container.

  • Here’s how the retrieval service works: Order one Instrument Retrieval Service for up to ten Spay Tray & Minor Ops Sets
  • Once each set is used, dispose of the drapes and swabs as you would normally
  • Place only the instruments and sharps in the retrieval container
  • When it’s full (up to ten sets of instruments) return it to Vygon Vet in the pre-paid box provided.

Includes boxed container, delivery, return postage and disposal.

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CodeDescriptionItems per BoxBox price 
1VT79903001 Spay and Minor Operations Tray 20 £305.20 +
VWJ1VT79903001 Minor Ops Kit Pack of 5 With Free Retrieval Service 1 £59.45 +


4 x Curved Mosquito Forceps
1 x Thumb Tissue Forceps
1 x Mayo Hegar Needle Holder
1 x No 10 Scalpel
1 x Curved Dissecting Scissors
1 x Hand Towel
1 x Trolley Drape
1 x Fenestrated Adhesive Drape
1 x Transparent Tray
5 x Radiopaque Swabs

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