Vigmed CLiP Ported Cannula Excellent penetration characteristics

Vigmed’s CLiP® range of cannulas is dedicated to eliminating needlestick injuries. With a dual focus on ease of penetration for the user and successful first time insertion for the patient, CLiP is the safety IV cannula you can trust.Read More

Safety is key - At the forefront of the design

Automatic passive safety
A specially designed bump on the needle ensures the safety mechanism is automatically activated, meaning that no action is required by the user.

Ultra sharp
Our needles are extremely sharp and back-cut for smooth insertion, cutting rather than forcing a hole, which helps healing and leaves minimal scarring.

Ultrasound visualisation
Our needles are electropolished to improve visualisation with ultrasound guided insertion technique.

Consistent feel across the size range
Our cannula needle assembly delivers consistent trim distance across the size range ensuring every productfeels the same.

Transparent flashback - With swift confirmation of venous access

The clear flashback chamber allows the user to see blood indication quickly and the precisely imperfectly sealed chamber plug ensures an ideal speed of blood flashback.

Flashback Ported

Designed with the user in mind - Made to the highest quality

Easy to hold with flexible grip
During insertion, the wings of the CLiP cannula are hidden under a holder so the user can adopt a comfortable grip. The holder can also be removed for insertion if preferred. After insertion, the wings are folded down to form a stable platform enabling the cannula to be securely fixed to the patient.

No peel-back
The moulded catheter tip ensures an optimal feeling and penetration. There is no risk that the catheter tip peels back.

Versatile clinical use
The CLiP safety IV cannula range is suitable for use with power injectors. It is rated for a maximum pressure of 21 bar (305PSI). The winged, ported and Neo cannula have all been tested up to 8ml/s with standard contrast media (Omnipaque 300mg I/ml) without any adverse effects on the products. The tests are valid for contrast media temperatures from 20C up to 37C.

Virgin polymers
The catheters are made from medical grade virgin polymers, you have the option between PUR and teflon-like FEP.

Colour coded comprehensive range
Vigmed cannulas come in a variety of gauges and lengths to meet demanding physical conditions and different clinical needs and are easily identifiable by a colour coded system.

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CodeCannula (PTFE)Items per BoxBox price 
ColourFlow Rate
VACVP144511 2.0 14 45 290 50 £40.00 +
VACVP164511 1.7 16 45 200 50 £40.00 +
VACVP174511 1.5 17 45 140 50 £40.00 +
VACVP183211 1.2 18 32 110 50 £40.00 +
VACVP184511 1.2 18 45 100 50 £40.00 +
VACVP203211 1.0 20 32 64 50 £40.00 +
VACVP222511 0.8 22 25 38 50 £40.00 +

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